Jodapris Christian University (JCU) is a growing university in the United States of America. At the heart of the University’s teaching, research and scholarship is a commitment to academic excellence, intellectual freedom and making an impact to better serve people, communities, and society.

Gain supervisory, managerial, and leadership expertise you can use throughout your career at Jodapris Christian University. Our business, theology, and linguistic degree programs focuses on developing skilled professionals who can apply proven leadership skills in a variety of roles.

The University is renowned for its distinctive undergraduate and graduate experience rooted in its flexible yet rigorous Open Curriculum. JCU offer a wide array of certification, undergraduate, and graduate online programs to young and adult professionals.

100+ Courses
Professional Faculty Members
50 Scholarships
15+ Undergraduate programs
10+ Master Programs

Undergraduate Education

Jodapris Christian University has earned a global reputation for its innovative undergraduate educational experience, rooted in the academic rigor and intellectual entrepreneurism of its Open Curriculum.

The Business Open Curriculum

The Business Open Curriculum

JCU flexible open curriculum approach allows the business education to provide opportunities for students to be deeper and creative thinkers, risk-takers, and problem solvers.
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The Theology Open Curriculum

The Theology Open Curriculum

JCU open curriculum program in theology equips the student with the skills to interpret the Bible and how you can fulfill your spiritual mission in serving your church and God.
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Graduate & Professional Education

Jodapric Christian University allows the students to customize their personalized courses if needed to accommodate part-time or full-time students who are working and still pursue their academic goals.

Students at JCU have the freedom to study what they choose and the flexibility to discover the courses that will improve the needed skills. JCU encourages students to explore new courses and programs. However, JCU students are responsible for their own intellectual and creative development. JCU facilitators and academic advisors will always be ready to support and advise the students to make sure their take advantage of the 100% Online Programs.

Global Education Program

Jodapris Christian University has accommodated students from everywhere in the world. Although JCU is based in the United States of America, students are admitted from all countries around the globe as long as they meet admission requirements. These requirements may differ from one program to another. Request information for the program you are interested in by clicking on the “request information” button below to enter your contact information, your country, preferred language, desired program, and tell us how soon you would like to start your desired program for your enrolment process. You can send us your questions or concern and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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