Theology School


Jodapris Christian University (JCU) offers School of Theology and Divinity to individuals seeking to either research more about the Bible and Ministry, or people who are looking to enter, advance, or lead in the knowledge of God and the Ministry. Whether you are beginning to sense God’s call to ministry and want to investigate further, or you want to move to the next level in your current ministry, JCU is committed to working with you to help you achieve your Goal. JCU understands the importance of your calling. Classes of Divinity and Theology are offered online to provide you the leverage of practicing while learning to build a strong foundation in biblical and theological studies. Our professional and Christian faculty members will help you develop the skill set needed to become well-trained, well-grounded, and well-equipped for your unique calling.

100+ Courses
Professional Faculty Members
2000+ students
Multiple Scholarships
15+ Undergraduate programs
10+ Master Programs

What to Expect

  • Acquire knowledge and skills that will help you to be tomorrow’s Leader
  • Schedule and learn 100 % online and at your convenience
  • Learn from Ministers and well-respected Faculty members
  • Use your knowledge, God’s help, and your experience to advance faster in the ministry
  • Fulfil your calling and dreams without financial constraint

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